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Everything you need to know about Local SEO

The goal of Local SEO is having your website show in search results when consumers are searching for a local business. In many instances, the results for local searches include maps, reviews, Google posts, photos and more.  Local SEO strategies include tasks such as: the creation of local citations, being listed in local directories, back links from authoritative local websites, optimizing your Google My Business account, getting Google reviews, GEOtagging photos and more.

The organic side of local marketing services

Many SEO Agencies are now focusing much more on having their clients "local listing" show up in the local pack than traditional SEO because the ROI can be achieved sooner than nation-wide rankings.  Industries such as real estate have seen major shifts in their lead funnels; moving from traditional SEO to local SEO campaigns.

Local SEO Agency New Orleans
Local Map results for SEO Agency in New Orleans LA

In many instances, the localized search results will show on a map with links to read reviews, view photos or menus, and directly call the business or visit the website.  With the ever-growing popularity of localized search, Google is rolling out new options daily such as setting appointments or reviewing a menu directly within a Google My Business listing.

SEO Services continue to soar in global popularity because of the tremendous return on investment it provides. Having your business come up on page one of Google, when someone searches for your industry, is a no brainier for local business.   If you are a brick and mortar company, with a storefront and an address, Local SEO should be your first priority. 

Social Media + Local Web Presence

While social media integration is always of paramount importance in search engine marketing services, establishing a strong local presence with a local SEO service provider is equally as important. With over 50% of global companies with sites now optimized for mobile readiness and viewing, it is essential for any site to have a strong mobile, social media, and online presence.  Still, the focus and spotlight seem to revolve around Local SEO and securing a strong presence at the grassroots level. Not only does this put a face on your brand, but it also allows your company to effectively market its products and services to core, niche, and especially geo-specific audiences.  We will give some insight on how to get your Local SEO solutions started.

What Does Local SEO Do For You?

Google processes over 100 BILLION searches per month with its search engine. Many of those users are searching for someone to do business with. Whether you have a restaurant looking for lunch customers or you are selling inflatables for a birthday party, if you are not found when your customers search for your product or service, you are missing business from local customers. With everyone using their mobile devices for just about everything, it is not a shock that Google has become the source for local information.

It is hard to imagine a bricks and mortar business, where their customers come from visiting their storefront or selling directly to the public, not having a presence on Google local.

Proof Local Search Rankings Matter

Today, more than ever, small businesses rely on Local Search Engine Optimization from a local seo firm or local seo expert to put their business in front of potential customers. Ranking in Google Maps doesn't necessarily mean more website traffic, but it does mean more walk-in traffic, phone calls, and overall visibility.

Local Searches for Near Me
Over 80% of smartphone users search using the term "near me"

Google has stated that almost 50% of all internet searches are looking for localized information.  Whether that be a local restaurant, real estate agent, storefront, or simply local information such as showtimes or statistical information.

  • 72 percent of consumers who did a local search ended up at a brick-and-mortar business within five miles of their location. (Wordstream, 2016)
  • 30 percent of searches completed on mobile devices are related to a location. (Google)
  • 28 percent of searches for a product or service nearby result in a purchase. (Google)
  • Local, mobile searches direct over 50% of smartphone users to visit stores within one day of their search. (Google)
  • Location-based searches make up almost ⅓ of all searches on mobile devices. (The SEM Post)

(Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

Google Optimization for Local Businesses

Local Google Maps Optimization is extremely critical for bricks and mortar style businesses.  The real estate industry has seen a dramatic shift toward local SEO.  Read our Guide to Local SEO for Real Estate for more information.  More and more people are using their cell phones or desktop computer to search Google to find local businesses around them.   Local SEO is quite different than traditional SEO Services in that Local SEO results show in a “special place” in a Google search and different aspects of your website dictate if you will show up or not.

Phone books are a thing of the past.  Today, people use their mobile devices to find local businesses.  Whether searching for Dry Cleaners or Best Hamburger, having your business show up when a user searches for your type of business creates walk-in traffic and has a powerful addition to the bottom line of any bricks and mortar business.  Local SEO companies are the phone books of the future, and exist entirely for the goal of helping your business get found online.

Local SEO companies such as One Click SEO will not only get your business on the critical websites that are responsible for ranking within the Map Pack, but we can automate Google and Facebook reviews, citations, schema, and more to ensure that your business ranks when your business type is put in a search engine.

Steps in Local SEO

Local SEO is achieved differently than traditional search engine optimization.  Local SEO is derived from Citations on sites that rank and display local businesses. An example of citation websites would be Yelp or Yellow Pages. When these websites list your business in their directory - with consistent NAP business information - you can begin to rank for Local SEO. In addition, positive reviews on these sites boost your rankings.

 It is extremely critical that your NAP — Name – Address – Phone Number — be consistent with every Citation website in order for Google to recognize that every site is referring to the same business.

Keyword Research

Any Map Pack SEO campaign will start with at least rudimentary keyword research.  Keyword research will provide critical insight into the words, phrases, and terms that should be included in your copy.  Don't Keyword Stuff! Keyword stuffing is an old and antiquated SEO technique that can negatively affect your search engine optimization efforts. It is best to use your keyword research to ensure you cover all your topics completely and for latent keyword information.  As in any copywriting, you should write for the reader, not for search engines.

LOCAL SEO - NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number
Correct NAP is critical for Local SEO - NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number

GMB Listing

The beginning step in a Local SEO campaign is the optimization of your Google My Business listing.  We ensure that your categories are strategically chosen, and a unique business description is created.  The way your business is referred to in your Google listing should be exactly what you are branding referrers to, as well as your address and phone number.  Your NAP in Google My Business becomes the gold standard for the Name, Address, and Phone Number of each specific location.

Local Directories and Citations

One Click SEO will submit your business listing to the main must-have local citations and big data aggregators. Next is submission to large aggregators like Infogroup and Acxiom as well as the creation of business listings on the top 20 best business listing sites.  Check out our definitive list of SEO citation websites.  From there, we submit your GMB listing directly to the citation websites with a consistent description of your business as well as your website link and correct NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) so Google correlates every page back to your business.

Online Reviews

Having reviews on your business on these critical Citation Websites is crucial for ranking in a highly competitive industry.  Included in your local digital marketing campaign will be a process for acquiring legitimate reviews.

Google Posts and Events

Google My Business allows the ability to post temporary posts and dating events to be as current as possible and provide relative, timely and quality information for the searcher.  It is important to have many unique photos when optimizing your GMB listing also.

Higher Level Local SEO Tactics

Above are the basics of a local SEO campaign.  The top local SEO agencies will go much further in building out your local presence.  Additional local strategies include:

  • Creating hundreds of Google Map Directions
  • Embedding Google Maps on various online sources
  • Creating a Google Stack.  A Google Stack is utilizing Google's online tools and builds out keyword-rich content and links between the respective Google URLs.  Google Stacks usually include:
    • Google Drive
    • Google Sheets
    • Google Slides
    • Google Docs
    • Google Sites
  • Creating back-links to Google Maps URLs, Google Posts, Google Reviews, and Google Stacks
  • Geocoding photos
  • Creating back-links to high-profile citation accounts and their reviews
  • Having ongoing local SEO implemented
  • Hourly Local SEO Consulting

Ongoing Local SEO encompasses additional submissions as well as reviews and on-page customization of your website for ranking as well as external link building.

Depending on the level of competition, all of the above-mentioned strategies may or may not be implemented.  Each unique local market and business niche will dictate the level of competition and, ultimately, your SEO pricing. As a frame of reference, we have priced out New Orleans Local SEO.

LSA Ads for incoming phone call leads

Because organic SEO takes time, many digital marketing strategies for local businesses include Google LSA Ads.  Local Service Ads by Google provide incoming, phone calls and generate immediate business while the long term strategy of Local SEO is implemented.


Anyone with a business storefront, whether in New Orleans or anywhere in North America, to grow your business by expanding your online presence specifically to your customers in your area, should be implementing some sort of Local SEO as part of their digital marketing strategy.


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