facebook remarketing update for 2022

Update to Facebook REmarketing for Real Estate

Updates to Facebook Remarketing for Real Estate

One Click SEO is now rolling out dynamically created Featured Listings Ads for our Facebook REmarketing This puts your most recently listed properties right in front of everyone that has recently visited your website.

What is Facebook REmarketing?

REmarketing (sometimes called retargeting) on Facebook has proven to be a very effective way to keep your brand in front of your clients inexpensively.  With Facebook REmarketing, anyone who comes to your website will then see ads on their Facebook feed, providing another opportunity for them to interact with your brand.  Because you are only advertising to a small group, the advertising costs are relatively low.

It is important to keep in mind that the first time someone sees your website is usually the first time they are exposed to your brand.  If they leave (regardless of how long they stayed) if they then see your brand through a different digital channel (Facebook) that strengthens their recall of you.

How does Facebook REmarketing Work
Leveraging Facebook REmarketing

Facebook REmarketing for Real Estate

Anyone that has been in the real estate industry understands that real estate has a long sales cycle.  It can be 18 months from the moment that a wife looks over at her husband and says “I think we should buy a new home” to the closing day.

With the long sales cycle, the ability to keep in front of a potential client over three months is very powerful and lends itself well to the real estate vertical specifically.

We generally drive initial traffic to real estate websites in two ways.

  • Google Pay Per Click — Geographically and keyword targeted Google ads that show above Google searches in which you are charged “per click”.  These PPC ads can be turned on or off or adjusted at will.
  • SEO — Search Engine Optimization is showing up organically for real estate search terms.  Real estate SEO is much slower but has long term benefits.

Upon them visiting the site by either PPC or SEO, we can then flood them with Facebook Ads.  In the past, we have used video as Facebook has given a preference to video over image ads. We are now have the ability to leverage your specific listings as those remarketing ads.

With the long sales cycle, the ability to keep in front of your website visitors over the next 90 days is extremely powerful.

Facebook Dynamic Featured Listings Ad for REmarketing

If you consistently have over 3 listings at any time, we can now display a special, automated Facebook ad that shows your listings.  This ad automatically updates as new listings come onboard and are sold off.

These new dynamically created Facebook REmarketing ads have shown to provide substantially better click through rates (CTR) while achieving the same branding.  Most users initially find the website in search of homes for sale, we then place recently listed homes back in front of them over the next 90 days!

Here is an example of a dynamically created Facebook REmarketing ad that would use your most recent listings:

Updating Your Facebook REmarketing Campaign

If you are leveraging Facebook REmarketing through One Click SEO – we will create your new Dynamic Featured Listings Ad upon request. You must consistently have 3 or more listings for the ads to display properly and use IDX Broker.

We can then devote your entire Facebook REmarketing ad spend toward your new listings (recommended) or split it between your other REmarketing ads.  Just reach out to us at support at One Click SEO