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Schema Markup

Schema Markup and Structured Data If you are leveraging digital marketing to drive traffic to your website in 2019, you should be implementing schema.  Structured data and Schema markup is gradually increasing across the web. The recent popularity explosion of Schema markup has a lot more website owners, business owners, SEO agencies, developers, and the digital marketers all wanting to know more about it [...]

Real Estate Websites

Real Estate Websites In the world of real estate, having a website is similar today to having a business card 20 years ago, it shows you are legit.  Whether you are a real estate agent, broker or a real estate team, without a website you are not taken seriously. Real Estate Website Design All real estate websites obviously offer real estate services. There [...]

What Is The Best URL Structure for SEO

The Best URL Structure for SEO The best URL structure for SEO is the one that lets search engines and humans alike navigate through your website with ease via a hierarchal system of pages and blog posts.  The URL structure is extremely important for SEO as it will dictate how Google crawls your website and it lays the groundwork for crucial internal links. Some [...]

Types of SEO Pricing

Types of SEO Pricing There are many ways that SEO Agencies price their services.  The different ways in which SEO companies choose to price out their services can make it very challenging to compare apples to apples. You can review our SEO pricing here. In addition to what we call Managed SEO (fully inclusive digital marketing), and our modular, or ala carte pricing for [...]

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