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Not only is your Business Website your online persona, but it should act as the hub of all of your branding and online marketing. Your website needs not only to look great but be super fast, user-friendly and intuitive. With the majority of your customers using mobile devices, your website needs to display beautifully on mobile phones and well as tablets.

It is also important to remember, a website without traffic is useless.  In addition, simply to acquire web traffic doesn’t put money in the bank. Good web design will lend itself to customer conversion to maximize your traffic. That is why we don’t sell ourselves as a website development company.  As a matter of fact, we only build websites for our Digital Marketing clients.  

All of the websites designed and built by One Click SEO are totally owned by our customers (no monthly fees) and built on the most popular and progressive website CMS – WordPress.  This ensures that anyone can come behind our work and continue on.  We do not tether your website to u

Most importantly, we build your website, from the ground up, with SEO in mind. Most web designers build websites for cosmetics and usability, which has a place for sure.  We build our websites for ROI.  

Ready To Dominate Google?

One Click SEO provides affordable SEO Services for ranking your website for the key search terms that matter for your business. Our goal is not just getting you on page 1 of Google, but providing a measurable return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars.

Lets discuss the options for marketing your brand online and institute a holistic Digital Marketing plan for success.

Our Approach to

Website Design 

Having a great website is of little benefit if no one ever visits it. That is why One Click SEO looks at building a website quite differently than most.  We design the site, with the marketing in mind, not the cosmetics.  The websites we build have a purpose.

Many business owners think that when they have a website built, that search engine optimization is included. Although many web designers and website companies claim that be the case, most web development firms know very little about SEO.   Most web developers build sites that look “pretty”.  It is simply a different skill set. 

Google rewards websites that provide a great user experience.  That means your site doesn’t have to just look nice, it needs to be blazing fast and easy to use.  All of our websites are built on the fastest hosting and each step of the website’s development is looked at from a “conversion” perspective.

We even run Social Citation campaigns for certain businesses (such as restaurants) that need reviews to rank well. We have many levels of SEO Services that we offer from incremental, SEO Packages to full SEO Management.

seo provides a roi

The goal for us, when we build a website is long term ROI.  Many business never see the financial benefit of a website, because their is no marketing push behind it.  Our websites are built with a purpose!

True-Business-Partner- One Click SEO

Most web development agencies consider their job complete once the website is live.  That is where our work begins.  Once your site is live, we start the ongoing marketing process to drive traffic, capture leads and converting customers. 

SEO has lasting results

We insure all of our clients websites stay up to date with the most cutting edge technology and security features.  Daily backups as well as ongoing support keeps your website making you money without downtime. 


Because we are not only a website company but a full Digital Marketing agency, we understand how all of the pieces of an Internet Marketing Campaign fit together to create synergy. 

Website Speed

Today more than ever, people are not willing to wait for a website to load.  People want their information instantly.  As websites get more complex, website speed becomes more of an issue. This has been exacerbated with the ever increasing mobile usage.  Many websites will appear fast on wi-fi, but having them load almost instantly on mobile devices can be a challenge. 

We go to great extremes to have all our of our websites render blazing fast including utilizing CDN’s (content delivery networks) which store your images and heavier files on multiple servers.  Depending on your business vertices, we may recommend AMP to be implemented.  AMP is a Google initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages which lets specific pages be stored on Google’s servers for immediate display on mobile devices.  We take speed seriously.  

Website Security

Website security has never been more important, especially if you are operating a website where you take customers personal information.  All of the websites we design are fully secured with security certificates, which means they display the little lock next to the web address.  Having your website secured also means it will display on HTTPS as opposed to HTTP (the S stand for secured). 

Having a secure site also avoids the dreaded “this site is not secure” warning on Google Chrome.  We don’t just install a certificate and claim your site secure, we test every page for “mixed content” where a resource is pointing to a non-secure site.  Lastly, for your personal security and piece of mind, we run daily incremental and full backups to insure you never loose your critical information.  We also keep a “staging site” running so all site changes and updates are fully tested before going live.


Website Usability

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find what you want on a website.  A website should be built with the user’s intent in mind and everything on the entire site shouldn’t be more than three clicks away.  Having a website that implements Usability best practices has gotten more challenging as the screens we experience the web with has gotten smaller.  Having a site well laid out and easy to navigate with strategic CTAs (call to action) is critical if you expect your site to be more than just an online business flyer.   

Built for Mobile

Today, mobile devices make up the majority of the traffic on the internet.  You website needs to be beautiful on ALL phones, tablets and large and small monitors for desktop.  Understanding that 80% of the customers gathered online are from mobile devices, we build our websites “mobile first”.  That means that we don’t just make your website responsive, but we actually build it from the mobile perspective, then look at it on a desktop computer.  In addtion, we make sure our sites load fast on mobile phones for that competitive edge. 

Website Pricing

As a full service SEO agency, we look at a website as not a stand-alone product, but as the center of a Digital Market strategy with the goal of brand building and ultimately a return on investment.  For that reason, we price all of our custom websites just slightly above our “cost” as we feel our clients budget should be spent on the marketing side of the equation

Although our website pricing is extremely aggressive, to properly price the entire package it is best for us to understand your business model and your perfect customer.  To get started, feel free to review our Modular Digital Marketing pricing or request a custom quote below.  Another option is to simply give us a call or reach out using the below contact form.

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