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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With the explosion of social media in the last ten years, it would be silly to not leverage social media for driving traffic to your website.  Although social shares are not a direct factor that Google uses to rank a website, the promotion of your content on the proper social media platforms can be used to increase your site’s traffic.

Social Media Advertising Campaigns have changed digital marketing forever, very similar to what Google did in the mid 2000’s. Social Media Advertising lets you customize who will see your ad using all of the information that is provided to the platform. You can micro-target your ad very specifically to be delivered only to your potential clients. This reduces your overall marketing spend because you are only paying for your ad to be seen by YOUR customers. Demographic options include, location, net worth, likes, marital status, education, income, needs, wants, purchasing habits and much more.

Using Social Media
to Drive Traffic

Most traditional SEO campaigns include some level of Content Marketing.  Content marketing, at it’s core, is simply the creation of original content that revolves around your business.  Ultimately, articles that your clients may find interesting.  The second part of content marketing has to do with promoting the content.  This is where social media marketing comes in.

Social Media platforms have proven to be a very important step in ranking a website.   At One Click SEO, we use our proprietary social syndication process to get your original content shared on the appropriate social media accounts.

Whether you are using the targeting aspects of social media marketing to get your most recent blog clicked on or if you are targeting customers for a direct conversion, hyper-targeted social media campaigns are very effective.

Social Media Advertising should include a custom-built landing page on your website to convert traffic to new clients.  Tapping into the vast amount of data aggregated by social media sites allows you to micro-target to your specific customer base for an inexpensive and extremely effective marketing strategy.

Our Approach To

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Upon the posting of your original content to your website, we share the post (with the appropriate hashtags) to not only your social media accounts but to our network of industry-specific social media accounts.  Our social media accounts are personal and business accounts, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Our social syndication process includes scheduling each new piece of copy to be posted to numerous social media accounts over a twelve month period.  These posts drip with different pictures and quotes, but all ultimately link back to the page or content on your website.  Over time, we end up with tons of new posts, many with direct backlinks to your website being posted on multiple platforms by hundreds of different accounts.

We also leverage social media paid advertising when appropriate and monitor the appropriate KPIs.  This could be for a specific business goal, or simply for paying to get your new blog or money page in-front of a hyper-targeted group.   We have seen some declines in the conversion rates from some of the major platforms.  This could be from saturation or their allowing “bots” to click the paid ads.

social media and seo

Social Media Platforms

Facebook is the largest of all Social Media Platforms. In addition to creating a professional Facebook business page, we post business-specific, daily posts to engage your customers and drive traffic back to your website.  Facebook also includes an almost endless number of Facebook Groups.  These groups are very granular and generally have people very interested in the group topic. Sharing appropriate posts to these groups have proven to be a successful strategy in leveraging social media for SEO.

Paid Facebook Advertising is one of the most cost effective digital marketing options, since you only pay to be in front of your preferred customer.   We leverage paid Facebook campaigns on a consistent basis to get articles in front of people who truly have an interest in the content.  In addition, we have a very long history of creating paid Facebook advertising campaigns for unique purposes.


Twitter is an extremely fast social media platform with thousands of new tweets being tweeted every minute.  We not only post all of your content to your Twitter account, we also post it to our army of Twitter accounts.  Because of the fast-paced environment of Twitter, we generally have each original content post Tweeted and retweeted for a period of 12 months or more.

Our secret weapon in the Twitter arsenal is Twitter Explosion.  Twitter Explosion is a custom-built platform that automatically grows Twitter accounts.  Each of our accounts we have on Twitter Explosion is continuously finding new, real influences to follow, retweeting appropriate tweets, liking tweets, direct messaging our twitter-sphere and ultimately, getting new followers to expand your reach on Twitter.

Twitter Paid Advertising can drive customer engagement utilizing special offers, tweet engagements, and app downloads. Fitting a specific business advertising need, Twitter Advertising can be extremely effective if strategically laid out and implemented.

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool if your industry is selling business to business, or “B2B”.  Termed The Professional’s Facebook, LinkedIn is another platform where we share your original content.   LinkedIn is not as crowded as other social media networks, so there isn’t a need o post on LinkedIn quite as frequently.  What is necessary for engagement on LinkedIn is a professional profile and ensuring that every post brings value.

LinkedIn also has branched out in other areas.  You have always been able to post directly to LinkedIn (write a blog directly on their platform), but now they have Slideshare.  Slideshare lets you create slideshows which can be viewed or shared on the respective platform.  Because you can incorporate links in Slideshare, it can be a very powerful SEO tool.

Paid advertising on LinkedIn can be another powerful tool if your product is sold B2B. Although a little more expensive than some of the other alternatives, LinkedIn provides multiple ways to get your brand or value proposition in front of other business people.

Social Media

There are new social media platforms being brought online almost daily.  From Snapchat and Quora to Alignable and Reddit, Minds to Medium and Periscope, there is an endless amount of time that could be allocated to promotion on the lesser platforms.  Although we pay very close attention to these, and in some instances find a strategy that can be leveraged, we stand by the belief that any social media platform needs a critical mass of users.

We have also found that many new social media platforms change dramatically over time.  We have found multiple strategies on newer platforms only to for the platform to update itself or incur changes that decrease their effectiveness.  A perfect example is that after security issues were brought up, Google decided to simply close Google+ altogether.  Similarly, Minds started out as a platform that you post original content and could a follow back-link.  Just recently they changed the platform to force users to log-in to see the articles, making the existing posts unscrapeable by Google.

We keep a constant eye out for all new platforms, especially when we see new emerging publication options.  If you have a new social media platform that you think has potential for SEO, let us know!  We would be happy to check it out.

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