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Bryan DuplantierBryan Duplantier
21:13 17 Jul 23
One Click has always provided us with prompt service with our site management especially during emergency times. They are knowledgeable, local and responsive.
troy wetzeltroy wetzel
23:56 15 Jul 23
My company has worked with One Click SEO for over 10 years. We recommend this company and have found their services to be very professional and productive. The staff has been easy to work with, knowledgeable and quick to reply/respond. Thank you.
Trenna SutcliffeTrenna Sutcliffe
03:42 12 Jul 23
The team at One Click SEO has been great to work with! They are super responsive and helpful. I highly recommend them.
Ryan CullenRyan Cullen
20:37 21 Mar 23
I've never written a review for an SEO company before, because I've never been overly impressed. That has changed with One Click SEO. Dean and Eric have really gone the extra mile so far and have taken the time to get to know me and our business goals. Within a few weeks of speaking with Dean and making some changes, we actually fixed some problems I'd been having for the past two years with our rankings!I had tried probably four or five different SEO companies in New Orleans and some on the Northshore as well over the past 2 years. None of them were able to identify what turned out to be a fairly simple fix.At any rate, the reason I decided to give One Click a try is because they state on their website that they don't focus on short term gains by trying to game the system which is why every time there is a new search engine update, client rankings go down and they are constantly chasing how to fix the damage. When I read that and also saw how well they ranked, I knew I had to give them a shot.So far so good - hope to be with them a long time.
Cody LeboeufCody Leboeuf
15:06 18 Oct 21
Dean and the whole team at One Click SEO are great! They really get results and are very responsive. They communicate with you throughout the process and know how to maximize your dollar!
Kelly ClaytonKelly Clayton
12:38 15 Oct 21
I have been a client of One Click SEO for many years now. I still don't quite understand the SEO world, but I can attest to how my business has GROWN because of what Dean and the fantastic team he surrounds himself with have done.With One Click SEO's knowledge about all things technology and internet as well as things beyond my scope of understanding, we have been able to see the ROI and I would HIGHLY recommend them. I will continue to sing their praises. Each team member consistently goes above and beyond what is needed. I am truly thankful to have met Dean over 10 years ago:)
Eric WrightEric Wright
20:31 17 Dec 18
I just wanted to say that Dean and his people at One Click SEO straight hooked me up! Dean knows just about everything there is to know about the internet and websites and stuff. He has helped me leverage my internet presence to provide the best return on my investment possible. It's nice being on page 1. Thanks Dean!
Debbie WolfeDebbie Wolfe
14:38 30 Jan 18
We have had our real estate website for over 5 years. Over that time, we have went through three different digital marketing companies. Dean knows was our 4th -- and was less expensive than the last company we used. They kept us informed of exactly what they were doing and we are now finally ranking. They actually deliver.
Michael BuschMichael Busch
12:10 29 Jan 18
We had another SEO company handling our marketing for over a year. They could not seem to get us past page 3 on Google. Although we understood that we were in a very competitive market, we expected to see more. We went with Dean and within 6 months had on us page one! Highly recommended.
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Local Call Generator Features

  • Full Service

    We assist you in getting verified

  • Incoming leads

    Pay Per Call Leads

  • Guaranteed Leads

    All phone calls are recorded 

  • Flexable Budget

    More spend delivers more phone calls

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Pay Per Call

Stop Paying for Clicks and Start Paying for Leads!

Local Call Generator has fine tuned the Pay-Per-Call Lead Generation service that Google recently rolled out called LSA Ads.  The problem with most local service adds is that initially they start strong only to have the incoming phone calls dry up over time.

Local Call Generator doesn't just set up and optimize your account but we make sure that your ads keep showing and outperform your competitors ads.

This is done by creating a feedback loop back to Google showing them that their premium placement ads are being worked all followed up on.  Also, because Google has two clients, the business paying for the ads AND the person doing the search and using their LSA System, they have to please both customers.

This means they want to see every phone call answered quickly (no missed calls) and they want the lead update3d in their system showing follow through and providing that critical feedback loop.  The loop is closed with a positive Google Review.

Local Call Generator implements a live answering service which answers the call branded to your business quickly and consistently.  Our professionals then quality the lead and forward it to your phone number.

Local Call Generator
license verified by google
google screened for real estate

If for whatever reason you are unable to answer your phone upon transfer, because the lead already gave their info to the screener, they are more likely to leave a voicemail.

We then update the lead in Google's system creating the feedback loop needed to keep your ads showing and the phone ringing.

You only pay for results as any non legitimate phone call is screened and not paid.  You only pay for relevant, local phone leads that have been screened.  You only pay for successful incoming phone calls and not a click or even email address that requires a follow up system.

In addition, your ad will include a Google Guaranteed green check to show you have been screened and qualified as a Google-backed business.

The green check earns you immediate trust and gives people the confidence to work with you.

With Local Call Generator put an end to Email leads and drip follow-ups to hope to talk to them on the phone.



Pay Per Call Lead Generation

LSA Ads by Local Call Generator drive incoming phone calls to your business daily and only during business hours. Only pay for legitimate phone leads and you decide how many hot leads you want. Includes Google Screen, Google Verified and Google Guaranteed.

Local Services Ads works with the budget you set for your business.  The larger the budget the more phone calls you get while ensuring your business appears precisely when it's most relevant.

The ultimate pay per call lead generation service

Local Call Generator walks you through the Google Guaranteed process, which includes a background check.  We then optimize your profile as well as your ad spend.  We monitor your account weekly to insure your ads stay running, in first place and show to the absolute best leads Google can give you.

To insure that you are only paying for good leads and to optimize the Google algorithm, we offer a fully branded answering service that quickly answers all calls representing your business.  We then update the lead in Google's system insuring the best ad placement and maximizing your ad spend.

We also offer Local Call Generator LITE, which provides the same setup and ads but the business directly gets all phone calls and must do your own lead updates in Google's system.

Local Call Generator

LSA Requirements

requirements for local call generator

Local Call Generator Pricing

Local Call Generator LITE

$325/month plus Google Ad Spend
  • $625 One Time Setup
  • We Facilitate the Google Verification
  • Weekly Review
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Recomendations
The Real Thing

Local Call Generator

$850/month plus Google Ad Spend
  • $650 One Time Setup
  • Live Answering Service - We screen then forward to you
  • Advanced Algorithm Optimization
  • Leads Updated for You
  • We Facilitate the Google Verification
  • Weekly Review
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Recomendations

Google LSA Ads

The Three Types of Local Service Ads

Google Guaranteed

The Google Guaranteed badge indicates that a business has undergone a screening process and meets specific qualifications endorsed by Google. This badge aids in establishing a credible online presence, enhancing customer trust and encouraging them to engage with the business.  Great for local service business since Google literally guarantees your work.

Examples of Google Guaranteed Business:

- Carpet cleaner
- Window cleaner
- Pest control technician
- Home theater services
- Pool contractor
- Electrician
- Landscaper
- Countertop services
- Home inspector
- Carpenter
- Fencing services
- General contractor
- Handyman
- HVAC services
- Sewage system services
- Junk removal services
- Snow removal services
- Locksmith
- Tree services
- Water damage services
- Window repair services
- Plumber
- Pool cleaner
- Appliance repair services
- Foundations services
- House cleaner
- Flooring services
- Siding services
- Roofer
- Moving services
- Garage door services
- Lawn care services

Google Screened

The Google Screened badge signifies that a business has completed a thorough vetting process and possesses the necessary licenses, with Google's endorsement. This badge plays a crucial role in establishing a business's credibility online, thereby enhancing customer trust and encouraging them to engage with the business's services.  Perfect for schools, instructors and certifications.

Examples of Google Screened Business:

- Driving instructor
- Preschool
- Dance instructor
- Tutoring
- Language instructor
- First aid training
- Beauty school
- Massage school

Licensed Verified

The License verified by Google badge indicates that Google has confirmed the validity of your license to offer health care services. This badge assists in establishing your credibility online, enhancing client trust and encouraging them to schedule appointments with you. Perfect for Doctors, Clinics and Dentists.

Examples of License Verified by Google Businesses:

- Optometrist
- Physical Therapist
- Dentist
- Orthodontist
- Dietitian
- Chiropractor
- Dermatologist
- Podiatrist
- Ophthalmologist
- Allergist
- Primary care doctor

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Why Local Call Generator?

Watch our video on Local Call Generator

Phone Call Leads vs Internet Leads

Alright, let's break this down. With over twenty years in the digital marketing game, we have seen firsthand how different lead types can impact a local business. When we talk about phone leads versus email leads, it's like comparing apples and oranges – both good, but in different ways. However, for a local business, phone leads often have the edge. Here’s why:

Immediate Connection

When someone picks up the phone and calls your business, you've got an instant connection. You're talking in real-time, which is gold. There's no waiting for someone to check their email or hoping your message doesn't end up in the spam folder. It's direct, it's now, and it's personal.

Higher Engagement

Phone conversations allow for a more engaging interaction. You can hear the tone of voice, respond to cues, and adjust your pitch on the fly. This kind of dynamic interaction just isn't possible with email, where things are more static and one-sided.

Better Qualification of Leads

On a call, you can quickly gauge the caller's interest level and intent. You can ask questions, clarify their needs, and assess how serious they are about doing business. With email, this process is slower and often requires several back-and-forth messages to get the same level of understanding.

Faster Conversion

Phone leads tend to convert faster. Why? Because you're already in a conversation. You can address objections, provide information, and even close deals on the spot. With email, the lead is colder, and it often takes more time to warm up to that conversion point.  Email leads require ongoing drip campaigns to nurture.

Personal Touch

There's something about a human voice that builds trust and rapport more effectively than written text. For local businesses, where personal connections and trust are key, this can be a game-changer.

Local Feel

When locals call and recognize a local accent or reference local landmarks, it reinforces the community feel. It's about being a part of the area, not just a business operating in it.

Now, don't get me wrong, email leads are valuable too. They're great for nurturing long-term relationships and automating parts of your marketing funnel. But for a local business looking to make an immediate impact, to really connect and convert quickly, phone leads are where it's at. They bring that human element to the forefront, and in a world that's increasingly digital, that human touch can make all the difference.

Stop paying for email leads and get phone calls!

So what exactly IS Local Call Generator?

The Local Call Generator service offered by One Click SEO is designed to drive phone leads to businesses through Local Services Ads (LSAs). This innovative approach ensures that businesses only pay for verified leads related to their services. Here's a comprehensive summary of the key points and benefits highlighted on their page:

Key Features and Benefits:

Pay for Performance: The standout feature of the Local Call Generator service is its performance-based model. Businesses only pay for verified leads, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Local Services Ads (LSAs): LSAs are a type of advertisement that places your business at the top of Google searches, ensuring high visibility. These ads are specifically designed to capture the attention of potential customers searching for services in your area.

Google Guarantee: Businesses using LSAs can earn the Google Guarantee badge, which builds trust with potential customers. This badge is a sign of credibility and reassurance for users, as Google backs the services provided.

Budget Flexibility: One Click SEO emphasizes the flexibility in budgeting for LSAs. You can set your budget based on the number of leads you're aiming to receive, making it a scalable option for businesses of all sizes.

Detailed Reporting and ROI Tracking: The service includes comprehensive reporting and analytics, allowing businesses to track the return on investment (ROI) of their LSAs. This feature ensures that businesses can see the effectiveness of their ads in real time.

Broad Industry Application: While the page does not list specific industries, the implication is that LSAs can be beneficial for a wide range of service-based businesses looking to attract local customers.

In a Nutshell...

One Click SEO's Local Call Generator service leverages the power of Local Services Ads to help businesses increase their visibility on Google, drive more phone leads, and only pay for results.

The combination of the Google Guarantee, budget flexibility, and detailed analytics makes it an attractive option for businesses aiming to enhance their local marketing efforts and track their investment's effectiveness.

For businesses seeking to maximize their local online presence and generate verified leads, this service presents a promising solution.

If you're interested in utilizing LSAs to boost your business's local marketing strategy, One Click SEO's Local Call Generator could be the tool you need to achieve your goals.

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