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Instantly get a detailed SEO report on your website. Get trusted domain metrics like Moz Domain Authority, MozRank, and Page Authority, technical review including headers, images, site speed, mobile friendliness, security, quality of code, CSS and more.  We even list tips for improving your SEO.  Advanced options let you enter competitors and keywords for comparison reports.

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It takes less than 7 minuets for our bot to crawl your website and provide you with your SEO Audit. Let One Click SEO's Algorithm dissect your website and give you actionable information on the quality of your SEO.

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Overall Site Evaluation

Your report shows what passed, what needs improvement and what failed

Your report will contain an overall SEO score (1-100) a graph showing which area of SEO needs help and a checklist of items to improve


overall site score and evaluation
test for mobile responsiveness

Mobile-Friendliness and Responsive Test

See if your website renders correctly on all types of displays.  Review if your site is mobile friendly including testing for mobile viewport, Text too small, incompatible plugins, content wider than screen and proximity of links.


Thousands of data points analyzed

Our audit tool reviews thousands of data points on (and off) of your website to provide an all encompassing view of your online presence.

Content Review

Analyze the content of your website and understand how it is seen by search engines

Get data on the total words, text/HTML ratio, verify your XML sitemap and robots.txt file


content review

Review your website's speed

Our SEO and website audit checks your website speed on both desktop and mobile covering the aspects that Google looks at including Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Largest Contentful Pain (LCP)

website speed report and breakdown

Site Security and Social Media

See what your social media presence looks like from Google's perspective including Facebook likes, shares, Reddit and Pinterest

social share report

Is your security certificate valid? Does your website pass the security checks from Google, Norton and Kaspersky?

security check


Digital Budget Estimator

Enter in a handful of data points and we can estimate your digital marketing monthly spend.

The more honest you are - the better the accuracy

Automated SEO Estimator - wizard
Enter your website's URL
How much of your overall business should come from the internet? *
Expected percentage of your revenue from the web
What is the level of competition in your industry? *
How competitive is your industry and market?
How aggressive do you want to be with your digital marketing? *
Growth expected
Total Monthly Income

An educated guess, based off of best practices and our exhaustive history with clients, on how much of your advertising spend should allocate monthly to Digital Marketing
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Run up to 5 reports per month.  Our advanced reporting options let you include competitors and keywords for even more details and comparisons.

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Enter your URL below to get full in-depth SEO report and tips.

FREE SEO Site Audit

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Bryan DuplantierBryan Duplantier
21:13 17 Jul 23
One Click has always provided us with prompt service with our site management especially during emergency times. They are knowledgeable, local and responsive.
troy wetzeltroy wetzel
23:56 15 Jul 23
My company has worked with One Click SEO for over 10 years. We recommend this company and have found their services to be very professional and productive. The staff has been easy to work with, knowledgeable and quick to reply/respond. Thank you.
Trenna SutcliffeTrenna Sutcliffe
03:42 12 Jul 23
The team at One Click SEO has been great to work with! They are super responsive and helpful. I highly recommend them.
Ryan CullenRyan Cullen
20:37 21 Mar 23
I've never written a review for an SEO company before, because I've never been overly impressed. That has changed with One Click SEO. Dean and Eric have really gone the extra mile so far and have taken the time to get to know me and our business goals. Within a few weeks of speaking with Dean and making some changes, we actually fixed some problems I'd been having for the past two years with our rankings!I had tried probably four or five different SEO companies in New Orleans and some on the Northshore as well over the past 2 years. None of them were able to identify what turned out to be a fairly simple fix.At any rate, the reason I decided to give One Click a try is because they state on their website that they don't focus on short term gains by trying to game the system which is why every time there is a new search engine update, client rankings go down and they are constantly chasing how to fix the damage. When I read that and also saw how well they ranked, I knew I had to give them a shot.So far so good - hope to be with them a long time.
Cody LeboeufCody Leboeuf
15:06 18 Oct 21
Dean and the whole team at One Click SEO are great! They really get results and are very responsive. They communicate with you throughout the process and know how to maximize your dollar!
Kelly ClaytonKelly Clayton
12:38 15 Oct 21
I have been a client of One Click SEO for many years now. I still don't quite understand the SEO world, but I can attest to how my business has GROWN because of what Dean and the fantastic team he surrounds himself with have done.With One Click SEO's knowledge about all things technology and internet as well as things beyond my scope of understanding, we have been able to see the ROI and I would HIGHLY recommend them. I will continue to sing their praises. Each team member consistently goes above and beyond what is needed. I am truly thankful to have met Dean over 10 years ago:)
Eric WrightEric Wright
20:31 17 Dec 18
I just wanted to say that Dean and his people at One Click SEO straight hooked me up! Dean knows just about everything there is to know about the internet and websites and stuff. He has helped me leverage my internet presence to provide the best return on my investment possible. It's nice being on page 1. Thanks Dean!
Debbie WolfeDebbie Wolfe
14:38 30 Jan 18
We have had our real estate website for over 5 years. Over that time, we have went through three different digital marketing companies. Dean knows was our 4th -- and was less expensive than the last company we used. They kept us informed of exactly what they were doing and we are now finally ranking. They actually deliver.
Michael BuschMichael Busch
12:10 29 Jan 18
We had another SEO company handling our marketing for over a year. They could not seem to get us past page 3 on Google. Although we understood that we were in a very competitive market, we expected to see more. We went with Dean and within 6 months had on us page one! Highly recommended.