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One Click SEO’s New Pricing Packages

One Click SEO is proud to offer new, additional SEO pricing packages and add-on’s to our super popular Local SEO package.

One Click SEO is one of the very few Digital Marketing Agencies that place our pricing online. It is more challenging than you think to have a consistent price for SEO services. Each business is different, each business vertical has it’s own unique challenges. Each location presents a different set of competition to outperform. Some businesses are already well established and some are just getting launched and are starting from scratch. If you think about it in those terms, it’s understanding why most SEO agencies do not post their pricing online.

So how do we offer consistent SEO pricing considering all of these variables? Truth is, it was not easy. We had to lean on our over two decades of experience and luckily we have used a very power project management system that detailed all of the work we have completed for our clients.

More web traffic through SEO

We brought our entire team of SEO gurus together for multiple days to discuss what was common between all of our previously successful, custom SEO campaigns. Then we had to look at the time spent on each specific task. Then we looked at all of that compared to all of the Google Algorithm updates. We feel very confident that our SEO pricing packages are fair and provide our customers REAL value. Unlike many of the “pay once to rank #1 on Google” promotions that are found on freelance sites, any of the packaged pricing options that we offer will move the needle for your online presence.

Why New Pricing?

SEO is in a constant state of flux. As an award winning SEO agency, we must update our processes as new products like ChatGPT hit the market as well as the many Google algorithm updates. Most of the updates in our processes come with additional time spent or potentially less time involved on your specific package. This requires us to update our pricing periodically so we always keep the time we invest in parity with the amount we charge.

Local SEO Ad-Ons

Since Google has really doubled down on their business listings, our Map Pack – Local SEO Package is our most popular service offered. We now offer Add-Ons that will help you dominate your local Map Pack. Here are the new add-ons:

  • Social Media Posting – We now offer posting your content on your social media channels
  • Ongoing Hyper-Local Citations – Have an additional 30+ citations added every month
  • Additional Blog Content – Want a heaver focus on content marketing? We produce original, non AI written copy for you
  • Additional Backlinks – The #1 ranking signal is high-quality backlinks. We provide industry specific, high authority backlinks
  • Address Change – Any change of address during your Local SEO campaign will now be accompanied by a $500 charge 🙂
  • Google Stack – Leverage Google for Google. We create hundreds of pages using Google entities and interlink between them
  • Bulk Backlinks to Google entities – Power up your Google Stack with hundreds of web 2.0 backlinks
  • Bulk Tier 2, 3, & 4 Level Backlinks – Power up your existing backlink profile with hundreds of web 2.0 backlinks

Click here for more information on our Local SEO Package add-ons.

*NOTE: You must be on the Map Pack – Local SEO package to get these prices.

New Pricing Packages

We understand that may business owners either have someone in-house that handles their search engine optimization or they choose to do it themselves. Because of this, we wanted more package options that would deliver real value without breaking the bank.

Google Business Foundation

If you have an existing Google Business Profile but are not sure if everything is correctly set up and optimized, this may be the package for you. In our Google Business Foundation Package we take your existing GBP and run it through our optimization process (which takes approximately 4 weeks). After we insure that everything is optimized you can take advantage of our our new package, Foundation Citations for 50% off! This is what is included in our Google Business Foundation SEO package:

  • Week 1: Auditing and correcting GMB particulars such as hours, opening date, categories, NAP
  • Week 2: Competitive research, service areas, and business descriptions, product & service descriptions
  • Week 3: Citation Audit, duplicate listings, etc – make recommendations
  • Week 4: Review of corresponding website (NAP, schema, backlinks, rankings, copy, etc). Make recommendations — 50% discount on Foundation Citations

Click here for more information on our Google Business Foundation.

Foundation Citations

Citations are a “must have” for any Local SEO campaign. If you have already properly configured your Google Business Profile and ready to take your SEO to the next level, you may be interested in our Foundation Citations. What are citations you may ask…Citations are references to your business on 3rd party websites such as Yelp, Foursquare, Apple Maps, Yellow Pages and many more. See a list of common citations here.

Google expects any legitimate business to be referenced on these types of sites and thus having your brand there is critical for showing up in the Map Pack for localized searches. Another critical factor is that your NAP (name, address, phone number) must be identical to the NAP on your GBP and on your website. Our Foundation Citations package insures that you business is not only there, but the exact NAP is referenced around the web.

Click here for more info on our Foundation Citations Package.

Content Marketing Package

We have reduced the cost of our Content Marketing SEO package. You may be thinking, “that’s because you are using Chat GPT” — but NO! Although we use a variety of programs to assist with keyword research, topic research, etc, all of our content is produced by US based human beings. We license all photos and even do the required on-page SEO and post it to your website.

Click here for more info on our Content Marketing SEO Package.

How Much Should SEO Cost?
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Additional Custom SEO Work

Lastly, One Click SEO offers custom SEO work with two pricing options. You can choose to have us do the work and you simply pay for how many hours we completed at our regular price OR you can purchase bulk hours at a substantial discount, that never expire and have the work done for you when your ready.

If you have any questions about our Managed SEO, SEO Packaged Pricing or even our process for ranking you on Google, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our SEO Gurus will reach out to you.